Welcome to Inspire Fitness!

Inspire Fitness is Moving! We are changing our location and bringing our community brand new training concepts. During this time, our website will be undergoing renovations.

Our move will be complete on April 28, 2014.

Stay Tuned!

  • Indoor Cycling

    Indoor Cycling

    Indoor Cycling is one of Inspire Fitness's most popular programs. Today there are many indoor cycling programs, and they each have something unique to offer. However, Schwinn Indoor Cycling is the only program that combines the 100-year heritage of the world's most famous bike company with the best Master Trainers in ...

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  • Kickboxing


    Join our instructors in this fast-paced, fun filled cardio class, which uses bag gloves and WaveMaster kickboxing bags for an hour session filled with kicks, punches, drills and much much more! Coordination not necessary but helpful.

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  • Circuit Training

    Circuit Training

    Circuit Training can make achieving your fitness goals more enjoyable and motivating than you ever thought possible. Whether it's the great music, the fun atmosphere, the motivation from the trainer, the camaraderie and energy of the group, or the variety in programming, our clients love our circuit training sessions. Circuit Training is ...

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  • TRX Suspension Training

    TRX Suspension Training

    Born in the Navy SEALS, Suspension Training bodyweight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. It requires the use of the TRX® Suspension TrainerTM, a highly portable performance training tool that leverages gravity and the user's body weight to enable hundreds of exercises for every fitness goal.   Get a fast, ...

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  • Boot Camp

    Boot Camp

    Boot Camp is our Ultimate Cardio/Muscle Challenge! This session lasts anywhere from 90 minutes to 2 hours depending on the instructor's design, which usually includes a mini-yoga stretch. This class will challenge even the most avid exerciser. Some call it 'Circuit Training on Crack!' This session is appropriate for the ...

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  • Private Training Sessions

    Private Training Sessions

    Private Personal Training sessions can be so many different things depending on the client - that's what makes it personal! You can choose to workout with your trainer as often as you would like! Most of our clients opt for one to three training sessions per week for maximum effectiveness. At ...

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Why choose Inspire Fitness?

The staff and trainers at Inspire Fitness are passionately committed to creating an atmosphere where you immediately feel a part of something greater than your average gym or training studio. We like to say “Welcome to our fitness family.”

At Inspire Fitness we get to know you and your wellness goals personally, and will hold you accountable to sessions you have made a commitment to attend. We recognize and encourage your dedication to your health and fitness goals.

Our mission is to educate, motivate, and inspire you to achieve a healthy lifestyle, increased confidence, and an overall sense of well-being.

It’s not easy, but you’re worth it! We are here to help you become the best version of yourself!

In addition to physical exercise sessions, Inspire Fitness offers Healthy Lifestyle Coaching, Nutrition Workshops & Fitness Presentations.